Teaching the Holocaust Through Digital History

CONTENT WARNINGAttached photographs might be disturbing for some viewers While I am not a teacher, I have thought a lot about how digital history can be used in the classroom to teach Holocaust history. For example, TikTok is an incredibly popular platform — even the hashtag #history has more than 56 billion views. Given that… Continue reading Teaching the Holocaust Through Digital History

Oral History with My Dad

Above is an interview with my dad, Mark Seu, on his experiences with music, specifically “The Grateful Dead.” I chose to interview my dad on this topic because I figured if anyone can talk about anything for fifteen to twenty minutes, its my dad on the Dead. One of my favorite parts of this interview… Continue reading Oral History with My Dad

Analyzing “History Unfolded”

In tasked with analyzing a public history project of our choosing, I was naturally drawn to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s (USHMM) “History Unfolded: US Newspapers and the Holocaust.” I had been previously been made aware of this project, though I had never looked too much into it. Below is a screenshot from the… Continue reading Analyzing “History Unfolded”

Creating a Timeline

When learning about history, something that I have always found helpful has been timelines (especially if they are interactive). In my Digital Public History course, we had the opportunity to create a timeline on a historical topic of our choice through Timeline JS. I did my assignment on the ultra-abridged history of Schutzstaffel (SS) uniforms.… Continue reading Creating a Timeline